Round table on theme «Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan: guarantee of stability and peace»

On August 29, 2020 the Institute held an online round table on theme «the Constitution: a guarantee of stability and peace», dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The event opened by the director of the Institute Z. Kabuldinov, who noted, that the adoption of the Basic law of the country in 1995, and had an important historical significance in building an independent democratic state. Nurpeisov Erkes Kaliyevich attended the round table. Who was the one of the developers of the constitution. He is the chief research fellow of Institute of history of state of MES RK, candidate of legal sciences, professor, corresponding member of the Academy of social sciences of Kazakhstan, academician of the Academy of natural Sciences of RK, the first honorary rector of the Kazakh state law Institute. At various times he was a member of the Commission on human rights under President of RK, the National Council on state policy under the President of Kazakhstan and the Supreme Judicial Council, the Deputy of the Senate of Parliament of Kazakhstan, etc. In his speech, he noted that the reason for the adoption of the 1995 Constitution was the resulting dualism of power, represented by the Supreme Council and the President, resulted in deceleration of reforms and transition to a market economy, which caused the need for the processes of de-sovietization. The task of the developers was to ensure that the Constitution was up-to-date, not lagging behind and not ahead of reality. The Constitution gave an impetus to building a legal state, a market economy, and freedom of entrepreneurship. Its main provisions aimed at developing the framework of any society – the people themselves, the state, the person. In turn, subsequent amendments to the Constitution show its development and reflect changes in society. As the speaker noted, a great contribution to the development of the Constitution made by Elbasy N. A. Nazarbayev- its initiator and author, who identified two components in its basis – the rule of law and human rights.

Of course, constitutional ideas in Kazakhstan have their deep historical origins. Doctor of historical sciences, chief researcher of the Ch. Ch. Valikhanov Institute of history and Ethnology Mukhatova Orazgul Khasenovna paid attention to constitutional ideas in the works of the national intelligentsia, in particular the Constitution of Barlybek Syrtanov. The speaker noted that many of B. Syrtanov’s ideas about the Trinity of legislative, executive and judicial power, parliamentarism, presidential power, and the value of land as the foundation of the state laid in his first draft of the Kazakh Constitution-the Charter «Kazakh Eli» at the beginning of the XX century. And formed the basis of the program of the Alash party and other constitutional documents of Kazakhstan. Scientists, public figures, and young researchers attended the round table. The event accompanied by a discussion and proposals for further cooperation.