Information letter of International conference «From the Golden Horde to the Kazakh khanate: problems of statehood traditions succession»

On the 24 of September 2020 at 11:00 a.m. in the Ch.Valikhanov Institute of history and ethnology of The Committee of science of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan will be held International scientific-practical online conference «From the Golden Horde to the Kazakh khanate: problems of statehood traditions succession», dedicated to the 750th anniversary of the Greater Horde (Golden Horde).

The conference will held online on Zoom platform (ID: 853 6764 6875, password: 011588)

Famous Kazakhstani and foreign scholars, prominent statesmen and public figures will take part in the conference.

Life changing and historically true decision of the Head of state K.Tokayev on celebration of the   750-th anniversary of the Greater Horde (Golden Horde) is of historical-civilizational significance in the context of consciousness and national identity formation of the citizens of sovereign Kazakhstan. It is well known that most part of the Golden Horde lands located on the territory of modern day Kazakhstan. Considerable part of the Greater Horde (Golden Horde) army consisted of the Turkic tribes that further on became part of the Kazakh people.  Many graves of the rulers of that time were buried on the lands of our country and of Jochi as well.  In Saraichik was buried a number of khans and sultans of the Greater Horde (Golden Horde) and Kazakh khanate. The power of Chingizids functioned more on the territory of Great Steppe.  The descendants of Jochi khan  ruled on the territory of the center of Eurasia. 750 years ago on the Talas river banks, also on the territory of Kazakhstan  was held big kurultai of Chingizids, Turkic-Mongol nobility from uluses of Jochi, Chagatai and Ugedei, where the rulers of those uluses  uluses declared of their independence from Khubilai, who was the supreme ruler of all Mongol conquered lands.

Golden horde directly refers to our national history: that state became the key link in the milleniums long statehood traditions that emerged and continued on the territory of Kazakhstan. Kazakh khans – direct descendants of Jochi khan set up the Eurasian power named golden horde.  The Kazakh steppe for centuries was keeper of traditions and phenomena of the Golden Horde statehood and civilization. The fates and role of the people of Eurasia were defined by the history of the royal clan of Chingizid dynasty, that played the chief role  in developing statehood on the territory of Kazakhstan.

Very important theoretical and practical problems will be discussed at the conference that are of fundamental significance to fill the “white spots” of national and world history of the late Middle Ages.

The main objective of the conference– academic consideration of the history of direct succession and interconnectedness between the Golden Horde and Kazakh khanate.

Main directions of the conference:

  • Greater Horde: history and historical memory
  • Sources studies and historiography of Golden Horde history
  • Civilization of the Greater Horde: main approaches to studies (methods and methodology)
  • Cities of Kazakhstan and material monuments of the Golden Horde epoch
  • Social-economic history of Greater Horde
  • Spiritual legacy of Greater Horde
  • Kazakh khanate under Chingizids
  • Greater Horde and Kazakh khanate in the world history context, etc.

Publication of electronic collection of works is expected.

Requirements to the materials: volume to 10 pages Microsoft Word, Times New Roman, font size 14, interval – 1;  paragraph – 15 mm, отступ абзаца задается automatically; fields: top and bottom – 20 mm, left – 30 mm, right – 15 mm;  name of the author, affiliation – right corner; report title in uppercase letters located lower in the center, city, country. References to academic sources should be given in parenthesis with serial number (for example, [1, 17-b.]), in order of reference, according to the list of literature placed at the end of the text. The organizing committee has the right to decline materials that do not meet the requirements.

Applications and articles to the collection of works to the conference dedicated to the 750th anniversary of the Golden Horde will continue until the 10 September 2020 to the address:

Working languages of the conference: Kazakh, Russian, English

Working format: online conference on Zoom platform


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Information by the phone:+7 (778) 493-62-51 (Whatsapp) – Uzhkenov Yernar Muratovich, chair of the department of the ancient and medieval history of Kazakhstan and neighboring countries of C. Valikhanov Institute for history and ethnology.

With regards, organizing committee