Results of the scientific trip to Nur-Sultan

A leading researcher at the Institute of History and Ethnology named after Sh. Sh. Ualikhanov, Ph.D. A. T. Kaipbaeva from July 10 to 23, 2022 held a seminar “20-30 years. XX century. the system of secular education and enlightenment in the policy of modernization of the traditional Kazakh society” within the framework of the implementation of the scientific project on grant financing, a scientific trip to Nur-Sultan (Republic of Kazakhstan) was carried out.

The purpose of the scientific visit is to study, examine and fully accumulate in the archival and library collections of Nur-Sultan (RF) new data concerning education and enlightenment in the country during the Soviet period.

During the visit, the issues of “State Archive of Akmola region”,”National Archive of the Republic of Kazakhstan”,”State Archive of Nur-Sultan”,”State Archive of Karaganda region”,”National Academic Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan”,”Center of Rare Books and Manuscripts”, as well as other scientific and cultural institutions were discussed activities based on data and scientific research were carried out. In this regard, in Kazakhstan, the 20-30s of the last century as part of the study of the progress and results of the ongoing reforms in the field of education, archival documents were identified, copies of valuable works based on dissertations, collections of archival documents, monographs and printed publications were obtained.

In addition, organizational work was carried out within the framework of partnerships with scientific institutions. In particular, a meeting was held with Almas Amantaevich Tazhigulov, Director of the State Archive of the Karaganda region, during which the work of the two institutions was reported, general issues were discussed and a draft agreement was considered within the framework of a memorandum of mutual cooperation.