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Filming of the TV program “QAZAQ TV” “Searched for mystery” at the Institute of History and Ethnology named after Ch.Ch. Valikhanov – Institute of History and Ethnology named after Sh. Sh. Ualikhanov

Filming of the TV program “QAZAQ TV” “Searched for mystery” at the Institute of History and Ethnology named after Ch.Ch. Valikhanov

On August 15, 2022, the first program of the documentary historical cycle of the television project “Searched for mystery” (“In search of mystery”), which is carried out by the Republican TV channel “QAZAQ TV”, was filmed at the Sh. Sh. Valikhanov Institute of History and Ethnology. Daniel Besedin, a well–known scientist, professor of sociology from Australia, who is keenly interested in the history of Central Asia and Kazakhstan, has been invited to the role of the host of the program popular with viewers.

The film crew led by the producer and author of the project – Marzhan Karmenova visited our Institute, interviewing the chief researcher of the Department of History of Kazakhstan of modern times, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Murat Zhetkergenovich Abdirov. He is the author of the first section “KAZAKHSTAN IN ANTIQUITY AND THE ERA OF THE FIRST NOMADS (2.5 million BC – before ser. VI . The author of the popular science book “A Brief History of Kazakhstan from ancient times to the present (for a foreign audience”), therefore, has extensive knowledge of the history of the first nomads, the origin of the civilization of the Great Steppe.

The advisor to the director, chief Researcher, Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor Sain Moldagalievich Borbasov also acted as a speaker. The topic of his speech concerns the history of Ospan Batyr, the leader of the national liberation uprising of the Kazakhs of Xinjiang (1940-1951). In the future, on the pages of the TV cycle, viewers will be able to get acquainted with the great deeds of other Kazakh batyrs – Kabanbai, Bogenbai, Raimbek, etc.

In general, the main issues of the documentary film touch upon the themes of both the ancient history of Kazakhstan, starting from the Bronze Age and the Early Iron Age, the rule of the Saka rulers Tomiris and Zarina, and the Turkic, Mongolian eras, the Kazakh Khanate, including the history of the Kazakh-Dzungarian wars of the XVII–XVIII centuries, the times of Kazakhstan’s stay in the Russian Empire, the reign of the great Abylai Khan, as well as the national liberation uprising led by Kenesary Kasymov. The programs will address the issues of the origin of ancient Kazakh rituals, language, culture and life of nomads and Kazakhs. During the filming, the professor shared his knowledge, demonstrated scientific works that were devoted to the above topics.

The release of the project “Searched for Mystery” is scheduled for September 2022, several more filming is coming, which will also involve other speakers from our Institute. Follow our news so as not to miss the release.