On January 13, 2023, in the Archive of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, at the initiative of the Kazakh Institute for Strategic Studies of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter – KISI), a presentation of the monograph by Klara Shaysultanovna Khafizova “XVIII-XIX gasyrdagy gave bileushileri zhane olardyn diplomacy” (Astana, 2022. – 488 p.) prepared for edition of KISI.

K.Sh. Khafizova is an orientalist, doctor of historical sciences, academician of the Kazakh National Academy of Natural Sciences, is a recognized specialist in the history of international relations and Chinese foreign policy in Central Asia, Kazakh-Chinese relations and Chinese sources about the Kazakhs and Dzungars. At the presentation, Klara Shaysultanovna briefly spoke about her path to Kazakh Sinology, work on the book, which was the result of her almost half a century of scientific activity in oriental studies. The author expressed her gratitude to the archivists and scientists of Taiwan, who for the first time allowed our specialist to work in their archives. Earlier in 2019, she published a monograph in Russian “Steppe rulers and their diplomacy in the 18th-19th centuries” (Nur-Sultan: KazISS under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 2019. – 480 p.). However, the publication of the book in the Kazakh language with a circulation of 500 copies will be in demand among Kazakh-speaking scientists and university students in the specialties “Oriental Studies”, “History”, “International Relations”.

At the presentation on behalf of the Institute of History and Ethnology named after Ch.Ch. Valikhanov was attended by Deputy Director for Public Relations A.T. Abdulina, head of the department of the history of Kazakhstan of modern times G.A. Shotanova, senior researcher R.E. Orazov, who made a presentation. He noted Hafizova’s contribution to the development of historical science in Kazakhstan, her titanic work on historical sources in Chinese, Manchu languages, which she studied in Chinese, Taiwanese, Russian and domestic archives. who shed light on the mutual relations of Kazakh khans Abulmambet, Abylai, Kenesary, sultans of Urus, Zhoshy, Gubaidulla, etc., as well as biys, in particular Tole bi, and batyrs of Kozhabergen, Kabanbai, Berdikozhi, etc. with the Qing Empire. The book contains valuable information about Ch.Ch. Valikhanov stay in East Turkestan, an analysis of Chinese historiography about our great scientist and educator.

All speakers wished the author health, new successes in science and longevity, and also expressed hope to see this book in English and become readers of a new monograph on the history of Kazakh diplomacy on the Great Silk Road – from China to Persia!

Everyone can get acquainted with the book in the library of the Institute.