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Scientific trip to ORENBURG – Institute of History and Ethnology named after Sh. Sh. Ualikhanov

Scientific trip to ORENBURG

Leading researcher of the Ch.Ch. Valikhanov Institute of History and Ethnology, Candidate of Historical Sciences A.K. Shashaev, scientific Secretary N.N. Kurmanalina and junior researcher V.S. Zikirbayeva from February 13 to 22, 2023 carried out a business trip outside the country under the grant financing project “Educational activities of public organizations of Kazakhstan in the first quarter of the twentieth century”.

The purpose of the scientific trip is to identify, collect, and scientifically process materials in the library and archival collections of Orenburg (Russian Federation).

The Joint State Archive of the Orenburg Region (OGAOO) conducted scientific research work on the project topic with the following funds:

1) F. R-5. County executive committees of Soviets of workers’, peasants’, Cossack and Red Army deputies (executive committee, PEC). Buzuluksky, Sakmarsky provinces. Ed. hr. 1057.1917-1928.;

2) F. R-456. Orenburg Provincial Department of Political and Educational and extracurricular work (gubpolitprosvet). Ed. hr.138. 1921-1928.;

3) F. R-1299. The Central Library of the Orenburg City Department of Public Education. Ed. hr. 28. 1919-1934.;

4) F. R-450. Department of Public Education of the Orenburg Gubernatorial Executive Committee (GubONO). Ed. hr. 3170.1918-1928.

Photocopies of the necessary sheets of individual cases were made.

Also, search work was carried out on the electronic catalog and relevant publications on the topic of scientific research were found in the regional universal scientific library named after N.K. Krupskaya. As a result, copies of scientific works and individual articles on public organizations established in Kazakhstan in the 20-30s of the twentieth century concerning their educational activities were identified and obtained.