The opening of the exhibition “Written civilization of the period of the ancient Turkic and ancient Uighur periods of the VI-XIV centuries.”

Центральный государственный музей

March 9, 2023 The Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, together with the US Embassy in Kazakhstan and the Kazakh Research Institute of Culture (MNIIK), organized the project “Written Civilization of the period of the Ancient Turkic and Ancient Turkic epochs of the VI-XIV centuries”, funded by the US program “Ambassador’s Fund for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage” (AFCP).

The official opening of the exhibition was attended by: Deputy Director of the Central Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan Galiya Temirton, US Consul General in Almaty Caroline Savage, project advisor, Candidate of Historical Sciences, associate Professor, archaeologist Alexey Rogozhinsky, famous scientist, founder of the scientific restoration laboratory “Island of Crimea” Crimea Altynbekov and member of the research group, Uighur scholar, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Ablet Kayumovich Kamalov.

Also, within the framework of this exhibition, a presentation of the documentary film by the famous director and screenwriter Alexei Vladimirovich Kamensky “Letters of Fate” (2023) was held. The opening of the exhibition was attended by a leading researcher at the Institute of History and Ethnology named after Ch. Valikhanov, Ph.D. Zhanymkhan Oshan and junior researcher Eldos Saurkan.

Among the members of the research group of the project are well–known Turkologists and Uighurs – Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Nabil Bazylkhan, Ph.D., Professor Alexander Nikolaevich Garkavets, Ph.D., Professor Ablet Kayumovich Kamalov, Ph.D., Associate Professor Ruslan Uygurovich Arziev, as well as well-known scientists and specialists from far and near abroad.

The exhibition will run until March 24, 2023.