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MEETING WITH THE FRENCH DELEGATION AT THE INSTITUTE – Institute of History and Ethnology named after Sh. Sh. Ualikhanov


On June 16, 2023, a meeting of the leadership of the Institute of History and Ethnology was held. Chokan Valikhanov composed of: Director Kabuldinov Z.E., Deputy Director for Science Tleubaev Sh.B., Deputy Director for Public Relations Abdulina A.T., Academic Secretary Kurmanalina N.N., with French guests: Sabine Dullin – historian, Doctor of Sciences, Professor at the Institute of Political Studies (Paris, France), specialist For International Relations and the History of the Soviet Union, Polin Kuto is the Deputy Director for International Relations of the same Institute. It should be noted that the Institute of Political Studies is both an educational and scientific institution, having a research center in its structure, where about 50 scientists work.

The participants of the meeting acquainted the opposite side with the peculiarities of the organization of scientific activities in their institutions, shared plans for joint research projects, exchange of doctoral and undergraduates.  In particular, Sabine Dullen expressed interest in organizing an international scientific conference in a trilateral format, where the Chokan Valikhanov Institute of History and Ethnology, the Institute of Political Studies and Yakut scientists with whom French historians have close scientific contacts would act as organizers. There are prospects for the exchange of doctoral students for internships of 2-3 months, which will help in the future to develop and strengthen international relations between our two states in the field of historical research on the problems of the history of the Soviet Union, etc. Meanwhile, Pauline Couto is interested in developing student exchange in the format of a two-degree education under the joint educational program of the Institute of Political Studies and the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.

The scientific works of the Institute were presented to the French guests today:

  1. Book: “The Great names of the Great Steppe”
  2. Alikhan BUKEIKHANOV: a man-the era of Viktor Ivanovich Kozodoy
  3. Polish special settlers of the North Kazakhstan region (1936-1955)

Sabine Dullen, in turn, also presented to our Institute her monograph “Sealing Borders: towards the Origins of Soviet Politics. 1920-1940” (Moscow: New Literary Review, 219.416 p.), and Pauline Couteau – a booklet about the Institute of Political Studies in French. The publications can be found in the library of the Institute.

Soon it is planned to sign an agreement on bilateral cooperation between our institutions, which will serve as the beginning of work on joint scientific projects, including through EU funding, on the problems of the history of the stay of Europeans in Kazakhstan and other Central Asian states, Kazakh diasporas in Western Europe, prisoners of war from the Kazakh SSR during World War II, etc., as well as it will open the way for various scientific forums – conferences, seminars, round tables, etc., internships on a regular basis.