Seven-volume preparation center

Brief information about the center

For the purpose of high-quality and timely fulfillment of the task of the Head of State Kassym–Jomart Tokayev, voiced in the article “Tauelsizdik – barinen kymbat” and published in the newspaper “Egemen Kazakhstan” regarding the publication of a new academic publication on the history of Kazakhstan by order (No. 95, 07.09.2021) of the director of the Ch.Ch. Valikhanov Institute of History and Ethnology, “The Center for the preparation of a new academic publication on the History of Kazakhstan” was created, the head of which is appointed, Ph.D., leading researcher – Shashayev Auezkhan Kadirzhanovich. 

Tasks of the head of the center:

  • ensuring ongoing coordination over the high–quality preparation of a new academic publication;
  • holding monthly ZOOM meetings with the coordinators of all volumes with the invitation of representatives of the Commitie of Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • elaboration of the issue of maintaining current documentation;
  • elaboration of the Regulations on the Center together with an expert on legal issues.

The following employees have been appointed as volume coordinators:

Volume 1 – Shashayev Auyezkhan Kadirzhanovich;

Volume 2 – Torlanbaeva Kenzhe Uskenbaevna;

Volume 3 – Zhenis Zhomart Zhenisuly;

Volume 4 – Orynbayeva Gulmira Usenbaevna;

Volume 5 – Shotanova Galiya Aitzhanovna;

Volume 6 – Tleubayev Shamek Bayanovich:

Volume 7 – Zhumadil Arman Kabdeshevich.