Employees of the Department of Ethnology and Anthropology

  • Abdulina Aksunkar Tursunovna– Head of the Department, leading researcher, Candidate of Historical Sciences. Ethnosociologist.

  • Azhigali Serik Eskendiruly– Chief Researcher, «Honorary Head of the Department of Ethnology and Anthropology», Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Architecture of the East.
  • Ismagulov Orazak Ismagulovich – chief researcher, Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor.
  • Toktabay Akhmet Ualkhanovich– Chief Researcher, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor. Ethnographer.
  • Alimbay Nursan – Chief Researcher, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor, Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 1999-2022 – Director of the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Ethnographer.
  • Orynbayeva Gulmira Ussenbayevna– Leading Researcher, Candidate of Historical Sciences. Research area – various ethnocultural issues: the history of traditional economy, folk history, historical and ethnographic historiography, the evolution of traditional economy and culture of the Kazakhs in the late XIX – 1-st half of the XX century, etc.
  • Ashim Baghlan Abdrakhmanuly – Researcher, PhD student (research topic – «Mosques of the Kazakhs of Mongolia: historical and ethnocultural research»). Ethnographer-monument specialist.
  • Dossymbetov Nurlybek Aidarbekovish – junior researcher, PhD doctoral student. The scope of scientific research related to issues of the traditional economy of the Kazakhs: the traditional water using system of Kazakhs of Syrdarya 19th – beginning of 20th centuries, the culture of agriculture and camel farming of Kazakhs.
  • Suleymenkyzy Saltanat  –  laboratory assistant, historian, translator from the Turkish language.