The main directions of research work and activities of the Department of Ethnology and Anthropology

The Department of Ethnology and Anthropology is one of the leading structural divisions of the Ch.Ch. Valikhanov Institute of History and Ethnology. The general subject of research conducted in the Department covers the whole set of issues related to the ethnography, ethnology and anthropology of the Kazakh people and their ethnic groups on the territory of Kazakhstan and beyond – both in the past historical epochs and in the modern period:

  • development of relevant research directions;
  • implementation of comprehensive, fundamental projects; development of new, promising branches of research;
  • organization and conduct of comprehensive field research;
  • publication of generalizing collective and monographic works;
  • personnel training. 

The main strategic directions of research of the department’s staff at the present stage are the following related areas: the history and culture of the diaspora, the further development of the ethnoarchaeological direction, ethnosociology and anthropology, the publication of the achievements of the «Kazakh ethnographic school of the 2nd half of the twentieth century», etc.