Employees of the Department of World History and External Relations

  • Kalybekova Manara Chaltenovna  the division head, leading researcher, candidate of historical sciences. Author of 140 publications, among them 3 monographs and 2 manuals,   co-author of 10 collective works (4 monographs, 1 international; 1 textbook, 3 collections of works, 1 documents sets) and 2 international monographs (Lithuania, Poland) 

  • Kassymova Didar Beisengalievna – leading researcher, candidate of historical sciences. Sphere of research interests: history of Kazakhstan (soviet and post-soviet periods), international relations.

  • Kubeev Rustem Jaulubay uly –  researcher, master of humanities. Sphere of research interests: western (English language) historiography, nation building issues, traditional society modernization, traditions and traditionalism, identity.

  • Bolatkhan Aliya– researcher. Sphere of research interests: social history and anthropology, everyday history (soviet period). 

  • Moryakova Malika Temirkhanovna – researcher, master of humanities. Sphere of research interests: Kazakh-Mogul relations, nomadism in the Turkish historiography.

  • Kochiev Elnur Rafik-oglyjunior researcher, master of international relations. Sphere of research interests: political reprisals in Central Asia, deportations of people in the USSR.