The main directions of research work and activities of the department of World history

The department’s research work is carried out in three areas: the first area covers the history of foreign countries; the second direction is connected with the problem of studying the political and socio-economic history of Kazakhstan in the context of the world historical process; the third area is the study of theoretical and methodological problems of world history in general and the history of Kazakhstan in particular. In the future, the research work of the department will focus on studying the following problems:

– study of the history of individual European countries (the choice of a country is determined based on the availability of scientific potential);

– the study of the history of world wars, the history of international relations, the problems of prisoners of war;

– studying history horizontally, i.e. a comparative analysis of the past of peoples and countries in the same periods;

– The study of major events and phenomena of modern and recent history of Kazakhstan in the context of the development of the Russian Empire and the USSR.