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Holy places of the Kazakhs of Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Karakalpakstan): identification, classification and research

Project Manager:Toktabay A.U.


Project title: Holy places of the Kazakhs of Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Karakalpakstan): identification, classification and research.

The goal of the project Is to Search and discover the places of Kazakh shrines in Central Asia, to understand them from the point of view of history and culture.

The object of the research is: identification, classification, study of the sacred places of the Kazakhs in the countries of Central Asia.

Scientific novelty:

Trips to the villages of Bishkek and Chui regions were organized, polls were conducted among local Kyrgyz, Kazakhs about sacred places, legends and stories were recorded. As a result, quite a few monuments and holy places were found that were not known until that time. All information collected on these monuments was recorded. For example, a place was determined where the Kazakh Khan Takhir came to the Kirghiz in 1526 and became a khan. This place was called Koshkar ata. It was found according to M.Kh. Dulaty. Those. the expedition passed along the route that he described and determined the reliability of all the places and events indicated. Another place – the Santas burial ground – erected in honor of the victory of the Kazakh Khan Yesim over the Dzungars, when he was the Khan of the Kazakhs and Kirghiz, was also identified from written evidence. Here the expedition followed in the footsteps of Chokan Valikhanov. This expedition also identified the graves and winter quarters of the Kyrgyz biys Boranbay and Sartek, who had close ties with Chokan. Evidence of campaigns of the Kazakh batyrs Kabanbai, Kokzhal Barak, Sauryk and others in the Kyrgyz lands was found. Detailed studies of the dacha-museum of M. Auezov have been carried out. Thus, a total of 29 monuments were identified on the territory of Kyrgyzstan.

M.Kh. Dulati, who played a huge role in the history of the Kazakh people, indicates in his work that he was born in 1499 in the city of Usurshana. The expedition passed along his route and found that this city is now called Uratobe. Those. here, too, we see that written information is confirmed. In addition, Dulati writes that his grandfather, Sultan Mahmud, was killed along with his sons on the Khojant River. And this place was also established according to his notes and the veracity of his words was confirmed. Places of resettlement, deployment of Turkic tribes in Tajikistan, their sacred places were identified, written, archaeological and ethnographic data were collected and analyzed. The ethno-cultural origin, similarities and differences of one of the Turkic Lakai tribes and Kazakh tribes are shown. All collected materials were used in the preparation of scientific articles. An expedition to Tajikistan was organized. The cemetery of Kushlik Khan in Gorno-Badakhshan, who fought against the Mongol invaders, was discovered, and comprehensive studies were carried out on it. The life and work of the commander of the civil war (1918-1925), the first member of the Tajik government Abdulla Yarmukhamedov in Tajikistan are recorded. Information was received about the places of death and monuments of 19 Kazakh soldiers who arrived to help Tajikistan in 1994. A monument was erected to them in a park in the center of Dushanbe. As a result of the research, 17 monuments were identified that are directly related to Kazakh history.

Research results: scientific publications of 2021 – 5, monograph – 1, among them in the list of journals recommended by the KKSON of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan – 2, in the collection of the international conference – 1, in other publications of the Republic of Kazakhstan – 1; scientific publications of 2022 – 8, monograph – 1, сollection scientific articles – 1, in its list of journals submitted by the KKSON of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan – 1, in journals included in the SCOPUS – 1 database, in peer–reviewed foreign publications – 2, in other publications of the Republic of Kazakhstan – 2, in the media published on the pages – 2.

Monographs and scientific collections:

1.Тоқтабай А. Қазақтың киелі жерлері (тарихи-архитектуралық, этнографиялық зерттеулер, мақалалар, фольклорлық деректер). Алматы: «Литера-М» ЖШС, 2021. – 348 б.

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Articles from journals included in SCOPUS:

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Articles in republican scientific journals:

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Articles in collections of international conferences:

1. Сәрсенбаев Б., Боздақова Ш.А. Қазақ-қырғыз қарым қатынастарындағы тарихи әңгімелер мен аңыз әпсеналар // «Тәуелсіз Қазақстан: жасампаздық тарихы және мемлекеттілікті нығайтудың өзекті мәселелері» атты халықаралық ғылыми-тәжірибелік конференцияның материалдар жинағы. – Алматы: Қыздар университеті баспасы, 2021. – 121-127 б.

Articles published on the pages of the media:

1. Тоқтабай А. Мұхтар Әуезов түскен үй // Қазақ әдебиеті. № 33, жұма, 26 тамыз 2022 жыл. 13-б.

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