Grant financing projects for 27 months. (2020-2022)

Unknown pages form the life and activities of the prominent statesman  Zhumabai Shayakhmetov

INFORMATION on the project / program IRN АР08857330-КС-21: «Unknown pages form the life and activities of the prominent statesman  Zhumabai Shayakhmetov»

The tile of the research program: «Unknown pages from the life and activities of the prominent statesman  Zhumabai Shayakhmetov». The title of the priority direction of the scientific direction the project: Researches in the social and humanities. The title of the specialized scientific direction, type of research: fundamental, applied, interdisciplinary researches in the humanities: Spiritual modernization and Seven angles of the Great Steppe.

Strategically significant state task for what the program is developed: Article of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan К.К. Тоkayev «Independence above all» in the newspaper  «Egemean Kazakhstan» as of 5 January 2021.

The program realization site: Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Shevchenko, 28

The program start and its completion, duration in months: 01.10.2020. – 31.11.2022.

The organization-applicant – C. C. Valikhanov Institute of history and ethnology. 

The program scientific supervisor – Kassymova Didar Beisengalievna, leading researcher of the – C. C. Valikhanov Institute of history and ethnology, candidate of historical sciences.

The program participants – leading scholars-historians – specialists on some periods in history of Kazakhstan since early times until present times:

1. Kabuldinov Ziabek Yermukhanovich – doctor of historical sciences, director of the C.C. Valikhanov institute of history and ethnology (Kazakhstan, Almaty).

2. Aminov Talgatbek Farkhatovich – candidate of historical sciences, professor of “Astana university”, Institute of history of state of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan, Almaty).

3. Shayakhmetov Rinat Ravilevich, independent researcher, grandson of Z. Shayakhmetov (Казахстан, Алматы).

4. Grivennaya Ludmila Alexandrovna (Kazakhstan, Petropavlovsk).

5. Oralova Aknur- Master of Arts in history, researcher of C.C. Valikhanov institute of history and ethnology (Kazakhstan, Almaty).

For effective implementation of the project were attracted researchers of the C.C. Valikhanov institute of history and ethnology.

The program objective – on the basis of true sources analysis found in the domestic and foreign archives, mass media sources and memories of the contemporaries to reconstruct  political portrait of Zhumabai Shayakhmetov at the background of the historical conditions  during his actives times at the state posts.    

The program tasks:

– to study and figure out main years of his studies and formation on the of Omsk uezd of Akmolinskaya oblast; 

– to investigate close and distant ancestors, aul and surrounding of Zhumabai Shayakhmetov  on the territory of Omsk oblast of the Russian Federation;

– to investigate his working years as a teacher, officer of militia in Cherlak uezd of Omskaya oblast, finding previously unknown materials from the Historical   archive of the Omskaya oblast;

– to research life and activities of Z. Shayakhmetov in Petropavlovsk uezd of Akmolinskaya oblast  (1925–1938);

– to reveal new materials connected with the coming of Shayakhmetov to the post of third secretary of the Communist party of Kazakh SSR (1938–1939);

– to investigate state and party activities of Shayakhmetov at the post of second secretary of the Communist party of Kazakh SSR (1939–1946), establish his  contribution to the development of Kazakhstan during the World War II;

– to study the role and place of Shayakhmetov in organizing the deported peoples and settlement of social-economic problems of special settlers (Chechens, Ingushes and others):

– to analyze his work at the post of the first head of the union republic (1946-1956);

– to research the period of his activities on the championing the scholars and National Academy of sciences  from the totalitarian pressure;

– to study his work t the post of the  Chairman of the  Nationalities Council  of the Supreme Council of the USSR (1950-1954);

-to figure out the reasons and consequences of the confrontation between Z. Shayakhmetov and N. Khrushchev  and reveal  the process of his positions from the posts of the  І secretary o the Communist party of Kazakhstan (February 1954);

– to study the Shymkent and Moscow periods of his life course;

Other objectives include: search, systematization, analysis and interpretation of archival documents and materials on the topic under research; systematization of the complex of documents obtained in the funds of the Kazakhstani and Russian archives; organization of trips to the cities Almaty, Nur-Sultan, Petropavlovsk, Shymkent, Moscow, Omsk, St Petersburg; computer typing of the archival documents and translation of texts; writing of monograph and compilation of the documents collection; preparation for publication; publication of the monograph in the publishing house of the Republic of Kazakhstan; hold 1 round table, 1 republican scientific practical conference, 1 international scientific-practical conference.   

Publication of the book/chapters in the Kazakhstani publishing houses, of articles in the national academic editions  («Otan tarihy», «al-Farabi university Herald», «Іzdenis-Poisk», «Ult tagylymy» («Heritage of the nation»), «Abay university herald», «Higher education school of Kazakhstan» of the Republic of Kazakhstan, «Qazaq tarihy», etc.)

Main results of the project realization in 2020:

Round table

On the 6 of November 2020 in the C. C. Valikhanov Institute of history and ethnology was held on-line Round table: «New documents on the life and activities of Zhumabai Shayakhmetov» within the framework of the project realization «Unknown pages from the life and activities of the prominent statesman Zhumabai Shayakhmetov». The round was devoted to the discussion of the major aspects of the life course of statesman and party leader Zhumabai Shayakhmetov (1902–1966), who contributed to the economic and cultural development of Kazakh SSR.

The following issues were discussed at the round table:

Main stages of the life course of Zhumabai Shayakhmetov;

Contribution of Z. Shayakhmetov into the development of agriculture, industry and culture of the Kazakh SSR;

Z. Shayakhmetov in the Interior bodies and state security organs;

Z. Shayakhmetov during the World War II;

Z. Shayakhmetov at the state and party work;

Z. Shayakhmetov during the Virgin lands campaign.

Plans for 2022:

     – conduct concluding part of the research on searching, analysis and incorporating into the academic circulation of materials;

–  compiling the list of documents for the collection of documents on the project topic;

– writing and editing of the monograph chapters by the project topic  9 p.p.

– research trips to Moscow, St Petersburg, Petropavlovsk, Shymkent to work in the archives;

–   preparation and publication of 2 (two) articles or reviews in the peer-reviewed  academic magazines, indexed in Web of Science, entering 1 (first), 2 (second) or 3 (third) quartiles, and (or) entering the base of Social Science Citation Index or Arts and Humanities Citation Index, and (or) with percentile by CiteScore in the Scopus base not less than 35 (thirty five);

– preparatory work for the international conference by the project topic «Unknown pages from the life and activities of the prominent statesman  Zhumabai Shayakhmetov»;

– review of the monograph and documents collection  considering the  comments and recommendation of the reviewees, translation of the monograph  into Kazakh and English languages. Monograph publication, publication of the documents collection – 300-350 pages, testing by anti-plagiarism.

– monograph presentation and documents collection on the project topic in the C.C.Valikhanov institute of history and ethnology with mass media highlighting;

– final report preparation in two languages  (Russian and English).

Publications in 2020:

1. «Materials of the international scientific-practical conference dedicated to the 90-th jubilee of the outstanding anthropologist Orazak Ismagulov «Orazak Ismagulov – the founder of the anthropology in Kazakhstan».- Almaty, 2020.

II Publications in КОКСОН:

Әминов Т., Талғатбеков Ә.  ЖҰМАБАЙ ШАЯХМЕТОВТЫҢ ЕКІНШІ ДҮНИЕЖҮЗІЛІК СОҒЫС ЖЫЛДАРЫНДАҒЫ ҚЫЗМЕТІ. Отан тарихы, №4 (92) 2020. С. 118-128.

Publications in 2021:

1. Аминов Т., Талгатбеков А. Деятельность Ж. Шаяхметова в годы Второй мировой войны. Отан Тарихы, №1(92). С. 118-129. Апр. 2021.


ДИРЕКТИВНЫЙ СТИЛЬ. Электронный научный журнал «» № 1(25), 2021.

3. Касымова Д.Б., Кудайберген улы Б. Некоторые аспекты вопросов языковой политик в послевоенное время и позиция руководства Казахской ССР.//Отан тарихы. 2021. № 2 (94). С. 114-126.

4. Аминов Т., Талгатбеков А. ЖУМАБАЙ ШАЯХМЕТОВ – ВЫДАЮЩИЙСЯ КАЗАХСКИЙ ГОСУДАРСТВЕННЫЙ И ОБЩЕСТВЕННЫЙ ДЕЯТЕЛЬ.  Отан тарихы. 2021. № 2 (94). С. 127- 141.

Publications for 2022:

1. (со-author Капаева А.Т.) Формирование кадров в советском Казахстане: стиль Жумабая Шаяхметова. //Отан тарихы. 2022. № 1 (97). С. 120-130. 

2. (со-auothor Аминов Т., Исаева А.) Роль Жумабая Шаяхметова в развитии системы образования в Казахской ССР.//Вестник Карагандинского университета. Серия «История. Философия». №4 (104)/2021. DOI 10.31489/2021HPh4/54-64

II Publications in mass media:

Гривенная Л.А. Интервью на Северо-Казахстанском канале «Кызылжар» о деятельности Ж. Шаяхметова в г. Петропавловске (9 января 2021 года).

Гривенная Л.А. Интервью на Северо-Казахстанском канале «Кызылжар» о необходимости изучения исторического наследия и выдающихся личностей (26 февраля 2021 года).

III Participation and speeches at the conferences and «round table» by the project theme:

1. Гривенная Л.А. Международная научно-практическая конференция (10 февраля 2021 года). Тема выступления «Политические репрессии в Казахстане: методологические концепты и новые исследовательские подходы». Северо-Казахстанский Университет им. М. Козыбаева.

2. Гривенная Л.А. Республиканский «круглый стол» 16 февраля 2021 года, г. Нур-Султан. Тема выступления: «Тернистый путь к свободе: исторический взгляд на последствия АШАРШЫЛЫҚ». Организаторы Сенат Парламента РК, Институт истории и этнологии им. Ч. Валиханова, Институт истории государства РК.

On the 16th of September 2021 was held republican scientific-practical conference «Zhumabai Shayakhmetov – prominent statesman деятель». The conference was dedicated to the discussion of main aspects of lie and activities of Z. Shayakhmetov (1902–1966). Formation of historical consciousness, collective historical memory, civic accord, Kazakhstani patriotism is not possible without clearing out the unstudied pages of the past. Zhumabai Shayakhmetov  was one of the founders  of soviet type state apparatus and Kazakh  party-state administrative  elite, defined the republic’s development in the most bitter times of its history – forced modernization of the soviet type, establishment of the totalitarian regime, Great Patriotic war and post-war reconstruction of the country, power structures and society transit  from Stalin to Khrushchev.

Collection of articles by the conference:

1 Сборник материалов Республиканской научно-практической конференции «Жумабай Шаяхметов- видный государственный деятель». Алматы, 16 сентября 2021 г. Алматы: Институт истории и этнологии им. Ч.Ч. Валиханова, 2021.

Публикации статей участников проекта в сборнике материалов конферцении:

1. Кабульдинов З.Е. Становление Жумабая Шаяхметова: происхождение


3. Асанова С.А. Жумабай Шаяхметов и развитие культуры Казахстана в послевоенные годы

4. Гривенная Л.А. Жумабай Шаяхметов: Петропавловский период жизни (1925-1938)

5. Гривенная Л.А. Жумабай Шаяхметов: государственный деятель, некоторые аспекты историографии вопроса

6. Гривенная Л.А. Как жила семья Ж. Шаяхметовых в  г. Петропавловске

7. Капаева А.Т. Кадровая политика Жумабая Шаяхметова

8. Касымова Д.Б. Опыт изучения автобиографии Жумабая Шаяхметова

9. Касымова Д.Б. «Дело Кустанайской области»  годы войны и позиция руководства Казахстана

10. Касымова Д.Б., Морякова М. Дело школы абаеведения: Голгофа Каюма Мухамедханова

11. Касымова Д.Б., Морякова М. Гонения на казахский эпос: эпизоды идеологических кампаний в Казахстане в 1940е годы

12. Касымова Д. Б., Калыбекова М. Ш. Ядерная страница в истории Казахстана. Роль руководства Казахстана

13. Касымова Д. Б., Шаяхметов Р.Р., Косанбаев С., Закарья Р. Шымкентский период в жизни и деятельности Ж. Шаяхметова

14. Касымова Д.Б. VII съезд компартии Казахстана: разночтения и создание мифа

15. Косанбаев С.К., Джунусбаев С.М. Тернистый путь Жумабая Шаяхметова

16. Смагулов Б., Касымова Д.Б. Жумабай Шаяхметов и специфика тоталитарного режима в отношении групп населения

17. Смагулов Б.К. Роль Шаяхметова в организации приема и размещении эвакуированных предприятий и специалистов из западных районов СССР

18. Талгатбеков А.Ф., Аминов Ж.Т. Государственная служба Жумабая Шаяхметова на должности третьего секретаря ЦК Компартии Казахстана (1938-1939 гг.)

19. Шаяхметов Р.Р.  Жизнь Жумабая Шаяхметова после отставки