National idea in historical retrospective and perspective of Kazakhstan


  • Analysis and synthesis of the historical retrospective and perspective of the national idea in Kazakhstan according to the fundamental and applied results of homeland historical science, explanation of scientific-information data of historical sources in the sphere of perspective of the national idea of the country on this basis.
  • It will allow deciding scientific-applied task – to make a concept about factors of formation, establishment and historical perspectives of the national idea in Kazakhstan in one hand, system scientific-information and methodological supply of Kazakhstan society by historical science research results in studying the problem of national idea in another.


  • Studying of the common features and phenomena of national revival in presoviet and soviet periods, as well as in the period of independent Kazakhstan
  • Evolution of the national idea in culture of Kazakhstan from the ancient till contemporary times
  • Studying the history of formation and evolution of the national idea on the territory of Kazakhstan in ancient and medieval periods
  • Analysis of problems of education and its influence for formation of the national idea
  • Evolution of social-political ideas in dynamic of national relations in the second half of the last century in Kazakhstan
  • Research of the role and meaning of the national idea in formation of the Kazakh statehood, analysis of the stages of liberation struggle of the Kazakh people in realization of national idea, transformation of the national idea into the period of the new times
  • Studying the ethnic processes of the XV-XVIII centuries; influence of the historical events of the XV-XVIII centuries into the change of the numbers and territorial settlement of the population
  • Analysis of social-demographic processes of Kazakhstan in period of colonial policy of tsarist Russia (XIX – beg.XX cc.), administrative-territorial changes in Kazakhstan in the XX century
  • Finding the main factors and tendencies of social-demographic development of the Kazakhstan population in the soviet and contemporary period.