Personnel training

Magistracy and doctorate of Ch.Ch. Valikhanov

Institute of history and ethnology of CS of MES RK

In spring 2014 y., the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan initiated a fundamentally new project for the integration of science and education.

On July 23, 2014 y., the General Agreement was signed Agreements between ten research institutes of the Committee of science of the MES of Kazakhstan and Al-Farabi KazNU about implementation joint program of magistracy and doctorate. And for the first time in history, working in the complex «Gylym ordasy», have initiated for direct training higher degrees of scientific and pedagogical qualification.

On 8 September 2014 y. was held solemn opening of educational programs. The first batch of master students in 13 specialties, there were 96 people. The first 48 doctoral students of the Institute’s programs started training in 18 specialties. Leading scientists of the Institutes conduct training under the research Institute program. Among them are 12 academicians and corresponding members of the National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan, 54 doctors of science, professors and 26 candidates of science, PhD doctors, associate professors. In framework of this program, Ch.Ch. Valikhanov Institute of history and ethnology, trains highly qualified specialists, educating a new generation of historical Scientists for the Institute.


Joint educational program research

Ch. Ch. Valikhanov Institute of history and ethnology of KN MES RK and Al-Farabi KazNU on the basis of the complex RSE «Gylym ordasy».


Education – through the state funds educational grant



- Get knowledge from the best scientists and specialists of the Institute.

- The fundamental nature of education together with the fundamental nature of scientific training.

- Conducting training sessions and research practice at the Institute.

- Together with the supervisor participation in the implementation of research projects and grant programs of the Institute.

- Subsequent employment at the Institute.




The Institute is one of the oldest and most authoritative academic research institutions in our country. Being a major scientific center, The Institute has a strong base of research development and deep traditions in the fields of historical source studies, Museum and archive studies, methodology of comparative historical research, etc.

Among the main areas of scientific research of the Institute’s scientists there are a number of interesting, modern applied specializations. In particular, they are unique, such as «Historical Informatics», «Historical demography», «Written and intellectual measurement of the history of Kazakhstan and neighboring territories», «Kazakh diasporology», «Kazakh monument studies».

The Institute conducts research in collaboration with scientists from Russia, Belarus, Germany, India, China, Moldova, the Republic of Korea, Tajikistan, and Turkey. Well-known scientists working in the Institute Z.E. Kabuldinov, J.B. Abylkhozhin, S.E. Azhigali, A.W. Toktabay, K.U. Torlanbayeva, G.S. Eugenieva, A.I. Kudaibergenova, A.S. Ualtaeva, S.K. Rustemov, Z.M. Tolenova etc.


Magistracy and doctorate «6 M/D 020300-History»

Educational program:

Historical historiography and source studies.

Historical demography.

Kazakh disparage.

Political and intellectual foundations of the history of Kazakhstan.

Kazakh monument studies.