Methodological Seminar “Definition and unification of scientific terms and concepts in the history of Kazakhstan XVIII – early. XX centuries.

At the Institute of History and Ethnology named after Ch. Valikhanov (hereinafter referred to as the Institute), on March 15, 2023, a methodological online seminar was held on the topic “Definition and unification of scientific terms and concepts in the history of Kazakhstan XVIII – early 18th century. XX centuries. within the framework of the project for the preparation of a multi-volume academic publication “History of Kazakhstan from ancient times to the present day”. Issues were discussed on determining the main directions in the study of topical problems of the history of Kazakhstan in the new period and on the use of historical, toponymic and anthroponymic terms.

The seminar was opened by the Director of the Institute, Doctor of History, Professor Z.E. Kabuldinov. He acquainted with the progress of work on the preparation of the 5th volume of the seven-volume edition of the “History of Kazakhstan from ancient times to the present day.” In total, 60 authors were involved in writing this volume, 11 of them are foreign. It was also noted that specialists in 7 areas are involved in the preparation of the volume. In general, work is being carried out in an enhanced mode.

The second speaker, Doctor of History, K.Sh. Khafizova began her speech with the words of the President of Kazakhstan K.K. Tokaeva: “Our history must be written systematically, truthfully, most importantly, from the point of view of an independent country”. In her opinion, our authors should now write history from the point of view of a full-fledged people, a full-fledged member of all mankind, a full-fledged member of the world community. This period of history is so politicized as no other, Kazakhstan began to be drawn into global processes, the country found itself in the sphere of interests of the powers of the Islamic world. In general, historical assessments of events are very complex, therefore it is necessary to get rid of the pressure of Western historiography and its canons, and Islamic too, and in order to avoid no less dangerous intuitive self-admiration, foreign authors are involved in the work. The scientist, summing up the main problems in writing the history of modern times, expressed the hope that the texts of the authors of the academic publication will be written objectively and from an independent point of view.

Leading Researcher of the Institute, Ph.D. G.U. Orynbaeva spoke on the issues of writing terms, unification of names and concepts (toponyms, anthroponyms, etc.).

During the event, historians also expressed their opinion – Sydyknazarov Mukhit-Ardager, Alimbay Nursan, acting. Directors of the Institute of State History Ayagan Burkitbay, Mustafina Raushan, Akhmetov Ulzhan and others.

In conclusion, co-moderator of the online seminar, volume 5 coordinator, Ph.D. G.A. Shotanova summed up the work of the event. It was decided to discuss without fail all the issues considered and the opinions expressed, the proposals received from the team of authors and to take appropriate measures for the further implementation of the targeted funding program. The seminar was also attended by employees of the Institute, a team of authors of the 5th volume of the academic publication, historians, scientists, etc.

Shotanova G.A., VNS Institute of History and Ethnology. Ch.Ch. Valikhanov, Ph.D.