In the State Central Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan on August 25, 2023, in honor of the celebration of the Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the opening ceremony of the exhibition “The Heritage of the Nation is the Basis of Spirituality” was held. The purpose of the exhibition is to acquaint residents and guests of the city with the results of the work of law enforcement agencies and the museum side to return cultural property for the benefit of the people.

The exhibition from the Institute of History and Ethnology named after Ch. Ch. Valikhanov was attended by Deputy Director for Public Relations Abdulina A.T. and press secretary G.T. Buribaeva

The exhibition presented objects of historical and cultural, artistic significance, objects of fine art and antique products, books of religious content and works of decorative and applied art confiscated by the state in revenue by the Department of State Property and Privatization of the city of Almaty and the Department of Economic Investigations of the Committee of State Property and Privatization of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

At the opening of the event, Director of the Central State Museum of Kazakhstan Rashida Erimovna Haripova and Deputy Head of the Department of State Property and Privatization of Almaty Bauyrzhan Askaruli made welcoming words and congratulated the audience on Constitution Day, noting how valuable the returned values ​ ​ are for the museum fund. Some employees of the Department of State Property and Privatization of the city of Almaty, the Department of Economic Investigations were awarded a letter of thanks from the Minister of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan Askhat Razdykovich Oralov.

At the exhibition, which runs until September 15, visitors will be able to enjoy handwritten samples of the Koran, prayers in Biblical (Gospel), Hebrew and English.

The audience was presented with paintings by famous artists N. G. Khludov “Egindyk oyyқ,” J. Shardenov “Taltus,” “Mountains,” “Evening” A. Galimbaeva “Still Life,” I. Isabaev “Abai,” S. Aitbaev “Worker,” “Return,” S. Kalmykov “Aitbaev ida,” as well as foreign and Russian fine arts of the XVII-XX centuries. such artists as Gerarda Dau, L. Burza, F. Rubo, R. Sommer. Among them, it is worth highlighting the painting “Violinist” by Gerard Dau, one of the first students of the Golden Age master of Dutch painting Rembrandt van Rhine. In addition, the exhibition featured works by the five best artists published by Forbes Kazakhstan magazine

Visitors were presented with such samples of edged weapons as “gurda,” “shamshir,” “speed bump,” “dagger.” Also of great interest to visitors were two Washington and Lee pistols made in Birmingham (England) around 1774-1776 by weapons maker Mathieu Barker.

Visitors also received special attention from Karl Faberge’s jewelry masterpieces, encrusted with precious stones and precious metals – a box made of natural jade with a surprise inside, guilloshire paintings and Easter eggs decorated with diamonds for storing precious jewelry.

The exhibition was decorated with decorative and applied arts, characterized by original design, beauty of character and high performing skills. Among them are French fireplace clocks dating back to the end of the 19th century, okimono figurines, porcelain vases, chess sets, etc.

360 items were transferred to the museum fund by law enforcement agencies. 100 copies of them are paintings. The total cost of the exhibits is more than 360 million tenge.

The exhibition runs until September 14, 2023.