On August 1, 2023, in order to increase cooperation with the Republican media, the leadership of the Institute of history and Ethnology named after Ualikhanov officially cooperated with the director of the Republican socio-political newspaper “Zhas Alash” Almas Nusipmyrza, founded in 1921. 

The leadership of the Institute spoke about the huge scientific works and achievements of the staff of the Institute of strategic importance of the Republic of Kazakhstan and shared the ways of future development.

During the cooperation, both sides shared their views and discussed problematic issues in our society. More specifically:

1. Organization of round tables on school textbooks; 

2. Increasing the historical consciousness of the people by continuously publishing the articles of our scientists in the republican newspaper “Zhas Alash”;

3. Increasing the popularity of academic scientists in the eyes of a wide range of readers by setting a common topic and organizing a meeting to exchange views between scientists;

4. As well as popularization of scientific works written by scientists of the institute to the general public;

5. It is interesting for readers to cover the topics that remain in the pockets of history, etc.

In this regard, as the newspaper “Zhas Alash” is a representative of the largest mass media of the national level, it is of paramount importance to revive the history of our dear homeland in the memory of the people.     

At the end of the meeting, the management of the Institute presented an official letter of cooperation to the director of the Republican socio-political newspaper “Zhas Alash”, writer-playwright Mr. Almas Nusip, and presented books of memory. 

Advisor to the director of the Ch.Ch. Ualikhanov Institute of history and Ethnology Olzhas Bekenovich Kuanbay