Today, on the second day of August, the Institute of history and Ethnology signed a memorandum with the organization “MOUSTAPHA TCHOKAI ASSOCOATION d’AMITE FRANCO-KAZAKH“, located in Paris, France. During the bilateral meeting, a number of topics were touched upon, plans for the future of the country were discussed. President of the French-Kazakh Friendship Association “Mustafa Shokai” in Paris, Mr. Yasar Dinc, told about the life of Mustafa Shokai, about the opening of a street named after our glorious grandfather in Paris, about the state of the Kazakh diaspora in France. The organization, which took care of the Kazakhs in Europe and became a source of language and culture, also told how their social and cultural events will take place. In turn, the director of the Institute, doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Z. E. Kabuldinov, also presented a number of scientific works published by the team of scientists of our institute and shared the achievements of the Institute. He also noted that the staff of the institute has a comprehensive multidisciplinary qualified specialist.

Within the framework of the signed memorandum, the following proposals were made by the Institute of history and Ethnology named after Ch.Ch. Valikhanov and the organization “MOUSTAPHA TCHOKAI ASSOCOATION D’AMITE FRANCO-KAZAKH”:

  1. Finding documents related to Kazakh history in Archives in France and transferring them to the Institute;
  2. Opening of the Museum of M. Shokai in Paris;
  3. Transfer of archival photos and manuscripts of M. Shokai to the Institute;
  4. Adding new information to the text related to M. Shokai in the sixth volume of the seventh volume of the history of Kazakhstan;
  5. Translation of a short book of Kazakh history into French and promotion of Kazakh history and culture to the European public;
  6. Every year, Kazakh children in France begin to be sent to their historical homeland;
  7. Efforts to strengthen historical and cultural ties within the framework of the bilateral memorandum;
  8. In a number of the above-mentioned areas, issues of great importance for the future of the country were discussed. We also believe that a comprehensive scientific search is still necessary, such as the study of the rich heritage of Mustafa Shokai and its widespread distribution to the masses. Our institute will continue to work until the end of the stone to communicate with the countries of the world, to process our past and to take stock of our future.  

The meeting was very productive, and the parties of mutual interest expressed their intention to cooperate in the modernization of our historical heritage. From afar, guests were presented with scientific books on behalf of the Institute and agreed to cooperate closely in the future.

Advisor to the director of theUalikhanov Institute of history and Ethnology Olzhas Bekenovich Kuanbay