August 9, 2023 to the Institute of History and Ethnology named after Sh.Sh. Ualikhanov. Siberian ethnologist, professor伊賀上菜穂 Igaue Naho and PhD student安島里奈 Ajima Rina, a researcher of Russian literature and culture, from Chuo University, Faculty of Political Management,「中央大学総合政策学部」Japan, came on a research trip. Scientists from the country of the sun, who study the history and culture of Russia, shared their interesting scientific information about the research area.

Japanese scientists are studying a set of religious movements and organizations “staroobyradchestvo” in accordance with the Russian Orthodox tradition, which opposed the church reform carried out back in 1651-1660 by Patriarch Nikon of Moscow and tsar Alexei Mikhailovich Romanov in order to unite the liturgical order of the Russian church with the Greek and Constantinople church. For this purpose, the strategic center of fundamental research of the Republic of Kazakhstan received valuable scientific advice from scientists of the Institute of history and Ethnology named after Sh.Sh. Ualikhanov.

Japanese scientists from Siberia also noted that last year, as part of this scientific topic, US researchers organized a multi-day expedition to the city of Ridder and the bukhtarma River Junction, and Japanese scientists also want to conduct a major study.

On the part of the Institute, deputy director for science, Ph.D., Sh.B. Tleubayev noted a number of scientific achievements of our institute and shared similar progressive ideas of the government of “Alash Orda” and the “Meiji era”.  Foreign colleagues reacted with special spiritual excitement to the brief history of the construction of the wall of the NAS RK by Japanese prisoners of war as a signature of the Japanese in the Kazakh steppes. In the future, the sides signed a memorandum and strengthened cooperation. 

 At the end of the meeting, the leadership of the Institute, ethnologist, professor 伊賀上菜穂 Igaue Naho is a PhD student researching Russian literature and culture, PhD student, researcher of culture 安島里奈 Ajima Rina presented souvenir books on behalf of the institute.

Sh.Sh. Valikhanov

Institute of history and Ethnology

advisor to the director

Olzhas Bekenovich Kuanbay