On September 19, 2023, at the initiative of Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor S.E. Agigali, a meeting-seminar was held with figures of science and culture of the Republic of Sakha (RF, Yakutia) – Doctor of Medical Sciences, prof. Romanova E.N. and director Romanov A.S. Ekaterina Nazarovna Romanova is the head of the Center for Intellectual History and Culture, an expert of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a major specialist in the traditional and modern culture of the Sakha people, doctor of historical sciences. She owns many works, she was the editor-compiler of the volume “Yakuta-Sakha,” the initiator of the annual national kumys spring-summer holiday Ysyakh/Yһyakh in honor of the awakening of nature, which was celebrated since antiquity by the Yakuts and was revived after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Her husband, Alexei Semenovich Romanov, the first professional film director of Yakutia, who was at the origins of the creation of a film studio in Yakutia, achieved the creation of the State National Film Company Sakhafilm. Their arrival was associated with the Yakut Cinema Festival organized in Almaty, which took place from 15 to 20 September at the Kinoplexx Saryarka film center. The shows aroused great interest among the Almaatins, who managed to get acquainted with the original culture of the Turkic people of Siberia, which has many parallels with the Kazakh, especially in the field of horse breeding and rituals. At the demonstration on September 18, S.E. Agigali made a welcoming speech about Kazakh-Yakut relations.

The meeting on September 19 was also attended by the graduate student of Charles University (Czech Republic, Prague) Gulzhan Dosshanova, who is developing the theme of funeral rites of Kazakhs (in modern dynamics).

Interested scientists, researchers (ethnologists, culturologists, historians, etc.) were invited to the meeting, of which doctors of historical sciences, ethnologists – A.U. Toktabai, B.K. Kalshabaeva, architect, candidate of architecture A.R. Nurdubaeva and others. At the event, E.N. Nazarov was handed over to the signing of a draft memorandum of cooperation with the Institute for Humanitarian Studies and Problems of the Small Peoples of the North of the SB RAS. It is planned to carry out joint scientific projects on the ethnology and anthropology of the Kazakh and Yakut peoples. An exchange of views took place on the reports made:

  1. Romanova E.N. “Steppe Arctic.” (Including: On current scientific projects in Yakut, Russian ethnology; On the prospects for joint research).
  2. Azhigali S.E. On Kazakh-Yakut ethnocultural ties (on the example of monuments: serge and kulpytasy).
  3. Dosshanova G. About ethnocultural, anthropological research in the Czech Republic, Karlovy Vary. (And on the topic of the dissertation “Funeral rituals in Kazakhstan: changes in the ceremonial in time”).