Practical webinar “Preparation of an article on Scopus” from 03.10.2023

On October 3, 2023, a practical webinar “Preparation of an article on Scopus” was organized for the staff of the Ch.Ch. Valikhanov Institute of History and Ethnology. The webinar was conducted by MD, MPH, Adviser on Central Asia and Azerbaijan Elsevier Khozhamkul Rabiga Altayevna. During the webinar, questions were considered on the choice of an actual topic to raise the readability of an article using Scopus, ways of mutual cooperation in Scopus, leading foreign search methods in the field of scientific research. The speaker explained how to publish a free article in Scopus, in what ways the Hirsch index can be adjusted. In addition to the staff, other scientists and doctoral students took part in the practical webinar, who received answers to their questions.

According to Rabiga Altaevna, by publishing an article in Scopus, we are not only gaining popularity by entering into communication with the scientific community in other countries, but also emphasize the need for financial support for the implementation of new projects and PhD defense. In addition, projects, a doctoral dissertation, although it consists of several hypotheses, but in an article prepared for publication it is necessary to express one hypothesis, and if the article is written in an interdisciplinary way, then the circle of our audience expands, the publication will be interesting to many readers. Also, after collecting and analyzing the sources, it will be better to look for a magazine to publish, and only then start writing an article. Rabiga Altaevna practically showed how to search for Scopus magazines, how to get acquainted with the goals and objectives of magazines, how to read articles in them and establish contacts with authors, etc.

Link to the video of the webinar at the request of many participants:

Participants will receive certificates of completion of the webinar. We thank MD, MPH, Elsevier Consultant for Central Asia and Azerbaijan Rabiga Altayevna Hozhamkul for a comprehensive explanation of the process of preparing an article on Scopus with a practical presentation at the webinar “Preparing of an article on Scopus”.