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HISTORIANS DISCUSSED ISSUES WITH A MAZHILIS DEPUTY – Institute of History and Ethnology named after Sh. Sh. Ualikhanov


On January 11, 2024, employees of the Institute of History and Ethnology named after Sh.Sh. Ualikhanov met with Kazybek Zharylkasynuly Isa, a poet, laureate of the International Alash Prize, member of the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan. During the meeting, the people’s representative told the employees of the institution about the return of assets illegally taken out of the country, the need to improve the quality of roads, etc. At the same time, Kazybek Isa raised the issue of minerals, since in 2022, during a referendum, an amendment to the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan was adopted that that now all the underground wealth of Kazakhstan belongs to the people of Kazakhstan, and not to the state, as before. However, a mechanism for implementing this important provision has not yet been developed so that every Kazakhstani citizen receives royalties from oil revenues. According to Kazybek Zharylkasynuly, it is also necessary to reconsider contracts with foreign investors leasing large hydrocarbon deposits so that more income flows into the country’s budget.

In turn, such employees of the institute as Deputy Director for Science, candidate of historical sciences Shamek Bayanuly, Acting Deputy Director for External Relations, candidate of historical sciences Zhomart Zhenisuly and senior expert, candidate of historical sciences Auezkhan Kadyrzhanuly raised questions with the deputy about the need to develop a law on the status of scientists, increasing payroll coefficients for research institute employees , the inclusion of historians in the National Kuryltai under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the need to regulate the distribution of program-targeted funding between large research institutes of Kazakhstan, so that scientists have the opportunity to engage in fundamental scientific research and receive a decent salary.