The main directions of research work and activities of the department of the history of Kazakhstan of the XX century

The Department of the History of Kazakhstan of the XX century is one of leading structural divisions of the Ch.Ch. Valikhanov Institute of History and Ethnology.

The problems of the scientific interests of the staff of department are connected with the development of questions of the history of Kazakhstan in the early twentieth century before the collapse of the Soviet Union. Among them, it is worth noting the following areas: 

  • Kazakhstan during the Russian revolutions of 1917;
  • “Alash” movement and the fate of the Alash intelligentsia;
  • Kazakhstan during the years of civil confrontation;
  • Problems of national and Soviet state building;
  • History of political repressions;
  • issues of forced collectivization and famine, uprisings of the 1930s;
  • Kazakhstan during the Great Patriotic War; 
  • The history of the culture of Kazakhstan, the preservation of the ethno-cultural code in the conditions of modernization transit;
  • Formation of multinationalism of the population of the republic features of interethnic relations;
  • Transformation of the Soviet model of socio-economic development;

The specificity of the research work of the department is the presence of a causal relationship that exists between the main areas of research discourse and the modern history of Independent Kazakhstan. Since many phenomena and events of the period of Independence are due to the peculiarities of the previous Soviet period. For example, the formation of the Kazakh Soviet statehood in the form of the Kazakh ASSR as part of the RSFSR, and then the Kazakh SSR as part of the USSR, and the formation of the current state borders of Kazakhstan, or the history of the development of natural resources and industrial construction in the Soviet period and the current problems of forced industrial and innovative development of the republic.