The main directions of research work and activities of the Department of World History and External Relations

The Department of World History and External Relations is one of the leading structural divisions of the Institute of History and Ethnology named after Ch.Ch. Valikhanov, which performs a full range of organizational and technical measures to establish and develop external relations and cooperation with foreign partners. Along with this, the department’s employees are also engaged in scientific research. The general subject of research conducted in the Department covers the whole set of problems related to social history and anthropology, as well as the history of deportation, mass repression, rehabilitation and other key problems of the modern history of Kazakhstan:

– invitation of foreign scientists to make presentations to Kazakh historians;

– holding international seminars and conferences on key issues with the Institute’s official partners and leading experts from different countries;

– strengthening and development of bilateral relations of the Institute with foreign (far, near) research centers and universities that develop problems of the history of Kazakhstan.

– development of relevant research directions;

– implementation of complex, fundamental projects.

Thus, one of the priorities of the department is the organization of international cooperation of the Institute, the formation and coordination of contacts with foreign partners, joint research projects, including the preparation of scientific papers and publications of archival documents.