Department of Historiography, Source Studies and Modern Methodology

Gyulnar MUKANOVA is a leading researcher, Candidate of Historical Sciences (“Universal History”), Professor, Academician of the International Academy of Literature and Art of Ukraine, member of the Association of Ethnologists and the Archeographic Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan, member of the Union of Journalists of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Responsible editor of the magazine “Aikap” and science magazine “Otan Tarihy” from February 2023 to the present. Purposefully deals with the problems of international relations, migration, history and culture of Central Asian ethnic groups, and ethnicity and identity. Author of the works “Central Asia through the prism of relations: Russia-Kazakhstan-China” (2000; 2002, 2nd ed.)”, “Central Asia and the problems of decolonization” (2013), “The Nation in Motion. Kazakh cross–border migration in the context of International Relations in Central Asia (XIX – XX centuries): methodology, theory, practice” (2014; 2019, 2nd ed.), etc. Head of the grant project “State, public, scientific and pedagogical activities of Smagul Saduakasuly” (based on new archival and written sources)” (2021-2023). Performer of the project “History and Culture of the Great Steppe” (2018-2020), etc. She has publications in the foreign indexed scientific journals Scopus and WoS.