Head of the Department of historical demography and the assembly of people of Kazakhstan

Name, surname: APENDIYEV TIMUR A.

Position: Head of the Department of Historical Demography and the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan

Degree, title: PhD

Contact details: e-mail: timur.apendiev@mail.ru


Born on May 1, 1985 in Sagabien, Aksu district, Almaty region. In 2002, he graduated with honors from the secondary school named after T. Toktarov. Since 2002 he has been living in Almaty.

Degree: in 2017 he successfully defended doctoral dissertation on the historiography of the struggle of the Kazakh people against the Dzungar invasion. Domestic scientific consultant – Doctor of Science, prof. T.A. Tulebayev, foreign – Dr. Shirin Akiner. A postdoctoral research internship was held at the Central Asian Forum at Cambridge University (Cambridge, UK).

Professional experience:

2022 to the present – Scientific Secretary of the Institute of History and Ethnology named after Ch.Ch. Valikhanov.

2009-2019 – Laboratory assistant, junior researcher, researcher, senior researcher, leading researcher, head of the department of historiography, source studies and modern methodology of the Institute of History and Ethnology named after Ch.Ch. Valikhanov

2009 – Assistant Secretary of the Faculty of General Humanitarian Training (FGHP) of the Kazakh Head Architectural and Construction Academy, methodologist of the correspondence department of the Almaty College of Economics

2008 – laboratory assistant, methodologist of the department of educational and methodological work of the Kazakh Academy of Sports and Tourism

2007-2008 – caretaker, tour guide of the D.A. Kunaev museum


2013 – “Letter of Gratitude” from the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan B.T. Zhumagulov.

2018 – medal and certificate “Best Young Scientist” of the Institute of History and Ethnology named after Ch.Ch. Valikhanov.

2019 – medal “Best Specialist” of the international academy “ALTYN GLOBUS”.

2021 – winner of the state prize named after M. Auezov.

2022 – diploma “Kurmet” from the Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan S. Nurbek.

2022-2023 – the owner of the Bolashak international scholarship.

Research interests: research interests are associated with the study of historiography of the Kazakh-Dzhungar wars, the history and historiography of Kazakhstan of the new time, oral history, the issue of the holy places of the Kazakhs, educational activities.

He was a performer of 8 scientific projects, of which the leader in the project «New declassified Russian archives about unknown pages of the life and work of Kazakh khans, sultans, batyrs (18th – first half of the 19 th centuries)».

Publications: author of about 80 scientific papers in domestic and foreign publications, including 5 monographs, published about 10 articles and reviews in highly rated international journals Clarivate Analytics and Scopus.


1.Factory industry of Turkestan / Editions du JIPTO (France), 2018. – 134 p. ISB 978-2-35175-060-5            (Tulebaev Т., Shashaev А.).

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4. The peasantry of Kazakhstan in the post-war decade: social transformation and everyday life. Collective monograph / Almaty: IP “Madiyar”, 2022. – 336 p.

5. The life and activities of Kazakh khans, sultans, batyrs of the 18th – first half of the 19th centuries. (based on Russian archival sources). Collective monograph. – Almaty: IP “Alma”, 2022. – 312 р.

Articles and reports:

1. Apendiyev T.A. (In collab. with Zhandybaeva, S.S.; Tulebaev, T.A.; Abykenova, K.E.) (2017). The Migration of Germans to Kazakhstan in the end of XIX – beginning XX century. Bylye Gody, Volume 44, Issue 2, 2 June 2017, Pages 568-575; DOI: 10.13187/bg.2017.2.568 http://ejournal52.com/journals_n/1496421253.pdf  (Scopus, Q1, Impact Factor: 0.49)

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