Grant financing projects for 36 months. (2021-2023)


Project name:


Project manager: Leading Researcher, Candidate of Historical Sciences A.K. Shashaev.

The estimated start and completion date of the project, its duration in months: The beginning is January 1, 2021. Completion date is December 31, 2023. The duration is 3 years (36 months).

The main purpose of the project is to analyze the history of the creation and activities of public organizations adhering to the scientific and educational direction from the point of view of new judgments based on the latest source materials, to reveal its significance initiated by enlightenment and scientific research in Kazakhstan during the Soviet period.

Project objectives:

– Definition of measures taken to launch the activities of cultural, educational and scientific institutions after the end of the civil war in Kazakhstan;

– Analysis of the activities carried out in connection with the creation of the first scientific and educational public organizations in Orenburg, its activities and charter, as well as the progress of its implementation;

– Analysis of data on the difficulties and results of combating illiteracy and opening special courses and providing them with textbooks;

– To study the history and activities of public foundations and to consider the intellectual and creative heritage of the Kazakh intelligentsia, which was part of it;

– to analyze the activities of public organizations in the field of education during the revival of local lore, museums and libraries of the country;

– Assessment of the contribution of the Society for the Study of Kazakhstan to Kazakh science and education and reflections on its continuity with modern Kazakh science.

The results obtained: the general issues of classification of historical data relating to the first quarter of the twentieth century, stored in the archival funds of Kazakhstan and Russia, were considered.

Based on a comparative analysis of the materials of the archival fund of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan on the development of charters of scientific societies, it can be concluded that these societies began their activities in the pre-revolutionary period. For example: in the Russian State Historical Archive (Russian State Historical Archive, St. Petersburg) there are several funds, especially reflecting the history of pre-revolutionary scientific societies in the fund of the Department of Public Education (F. 733) – “The case of the activities of scientific societies” (Op. 91), including “On the society for the creation of mutual learning schools with the participation of the Decembrists of 1818-1830; Op. 155, d. 953 “At the request of the Society of History Lovers” (1915); Op. 156, d. 363 “Charters of various scientific societies” (1915). For example, the fund entitled “The case of the creation of congresses of various scientific institutions and societies” (RGIA. F. 733. Op. 156. D. 389) widely presents lists of scientific institutions and societies, historical, archaeological societies, the archaeographic commission, the provincial commission of scientific archives, libraries and other societies. The received materials were included in the collective monograph. The final report was compiled.

During a scientific trip to the cities of Orenburg (Russia), Nur-Sultan (Astana), materials were collected in the archives.

In accordance with the calendar plan and budget application of the project, a scientific trip to Orenburg (Russia) was carried out. The main work during the business trip was carried out in the United State Archive of the Orenburg Region (OGAOO). As a result of the work in the archives, copies of personal file sheets containing the issues of the project under study were created.

Scientific work was also conducted at the Orenburg Regional Universal Scientific Library named after N.K. Krupskaya. Work has been carried out to search, identify and copy electronic publications covering certain issues of educational activities of public organizations in Kazakhstan in the first quarter of the twentieth century. Among them, copies of individual articles from the pre-revolutionary and Soviet periods were purchased, etc. In total, about 20 publications were copied.

During the business trip to Nur-Sultan (Astana), search work was carried out with the funds of the National Archive of the Republic of Kazakhstan, city archival libraries, the Center for Rare Books and Manuscripts, the Central State Archive of the Akmola region in Kokshetau. The electronic catalog of the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan has compiled a list of books with valuable data published in the period from 1920 to 1937, published in Latin and published on the topic of the project. Numerous cases of 1,2 inventories of the funds of the State Archive of the city of Nur-Sultan (g. Astana) R-98, R-116, R-123, R-272, R-351 (each folder contains at least 4000 sheets), the State Archive of the Akmola region (located in the city of Kokshetau): R-67, R-69, R-1304, R-145 funds The cases were reviewed and copies of the necessary sheets were compiled.

A republican conference was held within the framework of the project.

On October 26, 2023, at 2:30 p.m., a republican scientific and practical conference was held on the topic: “Enlightenment of the Kazakh intelligentsia in the first quarter of the twentieth century: activity and history” in online-offline format (ID: 878 2833 9562 Password: 340099) (Almaty, Kurmangazy str., 29, 2nd floor, 205 room “Gylym Ordasy”, Institute of History and Ethnology, named after Ch.Ch. Valikhanov). The conference was attended by many scientists (from the cities of Astana, Shymkent, Taraz, Almaty), project executors, doctoral students and undergraduates.

The report was published by: Shashaev A. K., Konkabaeva A. N. enlightenment of the Kazakh intelligentsia in the first quarter of the twentieth century: activities and history / / portal “e-history”. – 27.10.2023.

In 2023, as part of the project, in a peer-reviewed scientific publication included in the 1st (first) or 2nd (second) or 3rd (Third) quartile, indexed by the international database Web of Science, and (or) included in the database Social Science Citation Index or Arts and Humanities Citation Index and (or) having a percentile according to the cite Score, at least 35 (thirty-five) articles and/or reviews are planned in the Scopus database, and 2 articles have been published as a result of the study. 3 articles have been published in scientific journals included in the list recommended by the KKSON of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

1. Publications in the Web of Science, Scopus database:

1 Shashaev A.K., Tleubaev Sh.B., Kurmanalina N.N., Belous S.G. The role of the Academic Center in the development of education, science and enlightenment in Kazakhstan (1921-1926) // Bylye Gody. – 2023. – 18(3). ( Scopus Q 1, percentile 89)DOI: 10.13187/bg.2023.3.1561.

2 Shashayeva M.A., Shashayev A.K., Kozybaeva M.M., Yildirim Seyfi. Comprative Analysis of Studies on the Problems of Kazakh Women in the first half of the XX century // Bylye Gody. – 2023. – 18(3). (Scopus Q 1, процентиль 89)DOI: 10.13187/bg.2023.3.1550

2. Publications in scientific journals included in the list recommended by the KKSON of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

1 Shashaev A. K., Doskaraeva A. the phenomenon of a teacher in Kazakh Society of the second half of the XIX-early XX centuries // NAS RK, Abay A. Bulletin of kaznpu. – № 2(402). – 2023. – P.79-97.

2 Konkabaeva A. N., Konkabaeva N. N., Mrzabaeva R. ZH.the role of libraries in the field of education in Kazakhstan in the 20s of the XX century // Bulletin of NAS RK. – № 4(404). – 2023. – pp. 168-178.

3 Shashaev A. K., Tleubayev Sh.B., Kurmanalina N. N. Academic Center: some aspects of creation and Activity // History of the Fatherland. 2023. Vol. 26. № 1. P. 4-16. (Oct.) DOI: 10.51943/2710-3994_2023_26_1_4-16

As a result of the research, a collective monograph was prepared and submitted to the press.

As the main result of the AP09260737 project – “Educational activities of public organizations in Kazakhstan in the first quarter of the twentieth century”, a manuscript of a collective monograph consisting of 20 printed sheets entitled “History of organizations engaged in educational activities on a voluntary basis in Kazakhstan in 1920-1930” was prepared and submitted to print.

The latest summary report has been prepared and conducted.