The Department of World history

1. The history of the department.

The Department of World history is a new structural division of the Institute of history and Ethnology named after Ch.Ch.Ualikhanov which was created in 2019. The creation of the Department is due to the need to expand the horizon of research work of the Institute of history and Ethnology, including all countries of the world. In the Soviet period, the study of the history of foreign countries was part of the tasks of the all-Union research institutes. The institutes of the history of the Union republics were engaged only in national history. Today, in connection with the integration of sovereign Kazakhstan into the international scientific and educational space, it becomes relevant to conduct research on the history of foreign countries. In addition, the need to consider the history of Kazakhstan in the context of the world historical process also requires the study of the so-called “global” history. Historical science today provides knowledge about global trends and regional features of the processes of political, socio-economic and spiritual development of the Kazakh people in the context of world history, taking into account the characteristics of the Turkic civilization.

The Department employs the head of the Department, chief researcher, doctor of historical sciences, professor G. Kokebaeva and junior researchers: A. Akpar, A. Tylakhmetova, F. Lebaev, R. Zakarya.


2. The main directions of research work.


The department’s research work is carried out in three areas: the first area covers the history of foreign countries; the second direction is connected with the problem of studying the political and socio-economic history of Kazakhstan in the context of the world historical process; the third area is the study of theoretical and methodological problems of world history in general and the history of Kazakhstan in particular. In the future, the research work of the department will focus on studying the following problems:

- study of the history of individual European countries (the choice of a country is determined based on the availability of scientific potential);

- the study of the history of world wars, the history of international relations, the problems of prisoners of war;

- studying history horizontally, i.e. a comparative analysis of the past of peoples and countries in the same periods;

- The study of major events and phenomena of modern and recent history of Kazakhstan in the context of the development of the Russian Empire and the USSR.

3. The scientific journal “Turkestan Newsletter”

Employees of the department founded the journal “Turkestan Newsletter”, a Kazakhstani historical online magazine, which serves as one of the tools for organizing historical science and presenting its results to a wide scientific community. The purpose of the journal is to publish original, unpublished, articles and reviews on the history of Central Asia from the 18th to 20th centuries. The topics on which we focus – the history of Central Asia, conflicts and the migration process, have always been central to various branches of the humanities, therefore, the magazine publishes materials on history, ethnology, political science, religious studies and international relations.

The main topics that we are considering:

  • history of Central Asia in the XVIII-XX centuries .;
  • conflicts, world and local wars;
  • migration, deportation, repatriation;
  • repression, a network of camps and special settlements.

The journal welcomes academic scientific articles, as well as relevant reviews and thoughts on issues of practical interest. It is open to all methodological areas and schools if they are based on serious research and are processed in accordance with the basic principles of historical science.

4. The participation of department researcher in the implementation of research projects:

- Research project with targeted funding “History and culture of the Great Steppe”;

- Research project “Interactive scientific historical map “People of Kazakhstan”";

- Research project “Great names of the Great Steppe”

5. Monographs:

Kokebaeva G.K. Germany – Russia – USSR: politics, war and captivity. Monograph. – Almaty: Kazakh University, 2009. – 345 p.

Kokebaeva G.K. and others. Humanitarian problems of modernity: man and society. Monograph / Collective of authors. – Novosibirsk, 2011.– 295 p.

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Kokebaeva G.K. and others. Russia in the world: the experience of the past – a look into the future. Monograph / Collective of authors. – Novosibirsk, 2012.– 227 p.

Thomsen M., Kokebayeva G. und s.b. Religionsgechischichtliche Studien zum östlichen Europa. ‒ Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag, 2017. ­‒ 364 S.

6. Publication in journals indexed in Scopus and WOS.

12 articles of department employees are indexed in the Scopus database, 9 articles in the WOS database.