Department of History of Kazakhstan of the Modern Times

Department of History of Kazakhstan of the modern times is one of the structural unit of the Ch.Ch.Valikhanov Institute of History and Ethnology.

In the early years of the department the issues Kazakhstan’s modern history were studied by such prominent scholars as M.P. Vyatkin, A.M.Pankratova, B.S. Suleimenov, N.G. Apollova. Kh. Aidarova, P.G. Galuzo, Y.D. Dilmukhamedov, F. Malikov, Y.B. Bekmakhanov, V.F. Shakhmatov, T.Zh. Shoyinbayev and others.

Since the formation of the department the eminent scholars worked here in the past, worked: Assylbekov M.Kh., Yeleuov T., Yerofeyeva I.V., Volkova T.P., Sabyrkhanov A., Galiev V.Z., Valikhanov E.Zh., Mazhitov S.F. and others.

The Department participated in the edition of a number of documents collection on the history of Kazakhstan of modern times and many monographs.

In the 90-ies of the XX century the Department’s historians elaborated the theme “Fight of the Kazakh People against Jungar Aggression in the XVII-XVIII centuries” (1635-1758) (the topic researchers – V.Z. Galiev and E.Zh. Valikhanov).

The processes of large-scale rethinking of National History after gaining the independence fundamentally affected the modern history of Kazakhstan too, which was reflected in a new edition of the third volume of “History of Kazakhstan” published in 2000. At the new level, reasoning from the priority foundations of Kazakhstani society, the department employees performed the identification and conceptual-theoretical generalization of a new factual material, the interpretation of historical processes and phenomena associated with the core values of the present day.

Since March 2002 Doctor of History, Professor M.K. Koygeldiev actively entered the Department’s work, leading the research on a number of prospective and relevant trends. One of such areas was the study of the theme “Consolidation of the Turkic-Muslim Peoples in the Liberation Movement in XIX- first quarter of XX centuries”.  During the work on the topic there was formed and scientifically substantiated the concept of historically conditioned bases of Turkic unity and Islamic solidarity.

Since 2003 the department employees were involved in researching the topic “The Movement of Kenessary Kassymov for Restoration of the Kazakh Statehood”. The elaboration of this theme was carried out by V.Z. Galiev, S.F. Mazhitov and R.E. Orazov.

Valikhanov Y.Zh., Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor for many years participated in the activities of the Small Academy of Science exercising his rights as a head of Social Sciences Section. In the summer – autumn 2005 he led an expedition to find the remains of Kenessary Kassymov, conducted a series of field researches and reconnaissance work. In 2009-2011 the Department employees headed by Y.Zh. Valikhanov worked on the topic ‘Interrelations between the Kazakh and Russian Intellectuals in the Social and Political Life of Kazakhstan in XIX-early XX centuries: Problems, Search, Solutions’. On this issues there were published several monographs and dozens of publications.

The Department employees actively publish their works in the national and foreign press, participate in television and radio broadcasts; they involved as experts in the different research institutions, present reports at conferences. The Department employees carry out educational and pedagogical activity in various universities, give lectures, read courses on the history of Kazakhstan.

In 2018, with the participation of the staff of the department, the Collection of documents «Sultans and batyrs of the Middle Zhuz (second half of the XVIII century)» was prepared.

Currently, the Department consists of the following employees: Leading research fellow, candidate of history G.A. Shotanova, chief research fellow, doctor of historical sciences  Z.T. Sadvokasova, leading research fellow, candidate of historical sciences,  docent S.K. Rustemov, leading research fellow, candidate of historical sciences, professor N. Alimbai,, research fellows M.R. Satenova, A.S.Margulan, junior researcher A.Kunikeev.

 At the present time  the Department employees are involved in research on the grant topic:

1. «Nomadic community of Kazakhs: context, structure and functions (XVIII-early XX centuries)»

In addition of grant basic research, the department’s employees are involved in the implementation of the program for targeted funding:

2. «Historical Encyclopedia of Kazakhstan».

Within the project is planned edition a multi-volume of the 3-volume encyclopedia.